Safety Guidelines for

Safety Guidelines

Safe is also an important part of trading online. Most listings are perfectly safe, but as with any financial transaction, you should always protect yourself. Here you can find advice on how to stay safe while trading on the site.

When Buying Something

1. Initial Contact

When you first contact a seller by phone or email, express your interest of the item and ask any questions you may have about the condition and/or history of the item. Ask to display digital photos as well. Limit your personal information (for example, don't give out your home phone or address and remove personal information from your email signed file). After the seller has answered some questions and when it seems credible, you may need to disclose more information about yourself such as your name and cell phone number. But, try to keep it limit as possible. Establish the credibility of the seller. In addition to communicating over email, we recommend you talking to the seller by phone before meet them.

2. Seeing and Evaluating the Item

It helps to do advance research on the market value of item so you will know if you are getting a good deal. You may want to bring copies of similar listings with you that support your valuation. Don't be afraid to haggle or negotiate on price, but don't insult the seller with an unreasonably low offer. See it before you buy it. Always see the item in person before you buy it. If it is merchandise, inspect its condition carefully.

3. Meeting the Seller

It is safety to meet in a public place. Meet in a public place if possible - during the daytime when other people will be around. Bring a friend or your relations.

4. The Transaction

It is safety to pay cash. In online classifieds, it's best to pay cash and to keep the payment simple. But do not use personal checks, money wires, Western Union or Money grams. Do not give out any personally identifiable information such as bank numbers or credit card numbers. For big purchases, use cashier's checks. This is because you will need the final amount when you make the check out to the seller. Ask for a signed receipt. Protect your personally identifiable information.

We don't offer any form of payment scheme with the site. We never send emails requesting your personal details. If you receive an email asking you to provide your personal details to us, do not open any links. Please report the email and delete it.

When Selling Something

1. Posting Your Ad

Describe your item as accurately as possible to set buyer expectations. Include photos to give an idea of the appearance and condition of the item. Limit your personal information as possible. If you use a phone number, use your cell number instead of your home phone.

2. Responding to Initial Contact

Respond to any interested buyer over email and/or by phone to answer his/her questions and to determine whether he or she is someone with whom you want to do the business. Try to get a sense of his/her overall credibility and trustworthiness to see if you want to move forward. Limit your personal information as possible.

3. Meeting the Buyer

Classifieds transactions should always be done locally. Don't accept offers from potential buyers if you can't meet in person, especially offers over your asking price. Meet in a public place if possible to avoid being alone. Remove listing when sold. For common courtesy, once your item is sold, be sure to remove your ad and contact any interested buyers so they don't waste their time coming to see it.

4. The Transaction

For online classifieds transactions, cash is the safest and the simplest form of payment. Do not give out any personally identifiable information such as bank numbers or credit card numbers. Also, ask for payment in full.

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